MANICURING/NAIL CARE 102  600 clock hour program (We also have a 400 hour Manicuring/Nail Care program)

Students Attend Monday - Frinday 8:30am to 4:00pm; the program is only 20 weeks!  

Financial Aid available to those who qualify.

The program is instructionally based on the Milady Art and Science of Nail Technology and the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology's required curriculum. Students will receive an education in the fundamental principles, concepts and procedures of manicures, pedicures , spa manicures and spa pedicures, acrylics nails, 3d nail art, drill and nail enhancements.

The education will prepare students to have marketable entry level salon experiences and students will receive the necessary knowledge and practical skills to prepare students for the written test at the Board of Barbering of Cosmetology.

Job possibilities include but are not limited to working in a salon or spa providing manicures, pedicures and nail enhancements. You could become a nail salon owner or work on a cruise ship. Education and sales position opportunities are available with nail product manufacturers.


The  primary  purpose  of  Manicuring/Nail Care 102 is to train students in both theory and practical experiences  that  will  prepare  them  for  immediate employment  opportunities. You will learn to  regular, spa and French  manicures  and  pedicures.  Classes  include technical  and  practical  techniques  for  giving  acrylic,  glitter  and  gel  nails  and instruction  for  using  an  electric  file.  Our courses are particularly directed toward developing student’s desirable habits and attitudes with respect to health, sanitation, safety and guest satisfaction. Salon business classes are presented to gain knowledge of precision techniques and technical skills to perform a mastering level of competency.


  COST 600 Hour Program:

Tution 600 hour program



Supplies, iPad, Ebooks and Textbook$1,550.00
Enrollment Fee$150.00
Student Tuition Recovery Fund$20.00
Total Program Cost$11,270.00
Institution offers housingNo on-campus housing
Tuition for 400 hour program$5,600.00


Supplies, iPad, Ebooks and Textbook$1,400.00
Enrollment Fee$150.00
Student Tuition Recovery Fund $15.00
Total Program Cost$8465.00
Institution offers housingNo on-campus housing


Textbook information:

ISBN# 9780357812778 - Nail 8th Ed Bundle (Textbook and CIMA Seat)
ISBN# 9780357920220 - Nail 8th Ed CIMA Exam Prep Seat (English, Vietnamese and Spanish)

Entry level job opportunities are available for our Manicuring/Nail Care 102 students when training is completed and the graduate becomes a licensed Manicurist by the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Graduates become employed in salons, day spas, chain salons, retail stores, beauty schools, beauty product educators and sales consultants.

Examples:  MANICURIST 

SOC Code 39-5092.00

Please review the O*Net website for additional information regarding Manicuring Occupations at

1. Basic knowledge of Nails, Hands, and Feet.

   Job Opportunities:

        1. Manicurist in Salon using licensed skills

        2. Owner of shop/management.

        3. Merchandising Field – Sales, Buyer, Seller, etc

        4. Scientific Field – Sales, Buyer, Seller, etc.

        5. Writing Field – Beauty Editor, Promotional Writer, etc. 

        6.  Educator (need three years of experience)