We are glad you are considering a career in the exciting beauty industry. After reviewing the following enrollment information regarding program curriculum, the ‘how to’ get started and general admission requirements, contact our Admissions office for additional assistance.

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The school practices no discrimination in its employment, admission, instruction, or graduation policies, on the basis of race, color, age, ethnic origin, handicap, religion, sex, creed, and financial status, area of origin or residence.

2017 Accreditation Outcomes - NACCAS (National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences)

Our Annual Report is due to NACCAS by November 30 of every year.  The figures below are from 2017 Students and was submitted to NACCAS November 28, 2018.

For all programs combined:                            Cosmetology:                Esthetician:                Manicuring/Nail Care 102        Manicuring/Nail Care

Graduation Rate:            85.07%                              71.43%                                100%                            85.71%                                                N/A

Placement Rate:            64.91%                               65%                                    64%                              66.67%                                               N/A

Licensure Rate:               92.31%                              93.75%                                92%                              90.91%                                                N/A

State School Disclosures:

Cosmetology School Performance Fact Sheet 2016 


Esthetics School Performance Fact Sheet 2016


Manicuring 600 Hour School Performance Fact Sheet 2016






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Before enrolling in any program, prospective students should take into consideration the personal demands and obligations of attending California Beauty College. Choosing the right time to start school is necessary for successful program completion. Students need positive motivation and a strong personal commitment to make the necessary preparations to attend all classes as scheduled and to complete the training on-time. Prospective students prior to enrolling must consider the class attendance schedule versus a work schedule, their financial preparedness, dependable child care, back-up day care, transportation costs, physical stamina and their overall demands of becoming a student. Preparation, planning and having a thorough understanding of the school’s attendance guidelines and satisfactory progress policy will allow students to be successful CBC designers. Correct planning and a positive outcome involves knowing the expected amount of time to complete the program while developing a personal financial budget accordingly.


CBC accepts candidates for admissions as regular students with the following:

  • Applicants of any program offered at California Beauty College must have a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED)
  • Official transcripts showing completion and graduation date, or a state issued credential for secondary institution completion if home-schooled shall be considered verifiable documentation.
  • A valid Social Security card and number is required.
  • Acceptable documentation must be provided prior to enrollment.

CBC will verify the validity of a submitted diploma prior to enrollment. A prospective student may submit a certified high school transcript showing entrance and graduation dates and must include course information. If a diploma is not available the student is encouraged to complete and provide a GED certificate prior to enrollment..